Professional SmartHome Health Tracker

Professional SmartHome Health Tracker

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Super powerful real-time health tracker: track your body like the professionals.


Never worry about your health or your family again - just measure it! No need to go to a clinic to measure your vitals - just do it at home.


Rapid, real-time tracking of health metrics is perfect for continuous tracking, performance tracking or biohacking. Never miss a beat with this second-to-second tracker! 


  • Measure your breathing rate and oxygen level during peak performance or during rapid changes in oxygen level such as during an asthma attack.


  • Follow your blood pressure, heart rate, and ECG at the same time when you’re feeling chest discomfort or after intense activity or stimulation.


  • Simple one button operation with professional attachments and sensors provides you with immense amounts of data.


Palm-sized, light weight and portable! Perfect for travelling or bringing with you to visit family and have everyone’s health measured.


** This Professional Health Tracker is not a medical device.


** All Health Trackers are protected by a two (2) year full replacement warranty




    Track your complete health with the touch of one button!


    Your satisfaction is our guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, we offer full refund or exchange within 30 (thirty) days of delivery.


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