Happy Family with Pets


Designed by families for families

At Advancare, we are bringing healthcare home.

We are families and patients. We have been there and experienced it all. Healthcare touches all of us and our families deeply, which is why we are passionate about the healthcare experience.

We understand the frustrations of trying to access the health care system - the constant delays, the time wasted, the travel, parking, and opportunity costs, and especially the stress of not getting an immediate answer to your immediate health concern. 

We want to change how you look after yourself and your family into a simple, fun, and much more convenient way.

Just tap the app to measure your health vitals and see your doctor, all without leaving the comfort of your home. You can even see your doctors while you’re travelling or abroad freeing you to live the life you want, where you want.

Our virtual health solution transforms visiting your doctors into a simple, seamless, and magical experience, so you and your family stay healthier and happier and have more time for each other.